3 Steps to never wasting time with a flaky prospect again!

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Ever messed up a whole week trying to chase down a handful of prospects that “said they would pay” and noticed that it was just them giving you the run-around because you weren’t worth a straight “no”? Don’t worry, it’s not your fault or personal. They simply don’t have the balls to reject you. It is what it is. We all have gone through this.

Here are your 3 solid tips on how to get flaky prospects out of your life quickly:

1. Know whether a prospect can be closed or not.
There’s a certain way that, when you’re phoning for an appointment, the client is either just giving you 5 minutes because he is truly excited, or because he just wants to get you off his case.
This feeling will become even stronger when you see him face-to-face, as he will probably be putting his attention on other things as you speak (depending on your skill and rapport levels). Thank him for the opportunity, try get a referral and phone them in front of him, or just leave the situation alone. For every one of him, there are a million that want what you’re selling. be proud of that.

2. Realize what your time is worth.
How many times did you take the hour out of your day to see someone you knew was never going to sign anyway? Why did you do it? Do you like wasting time, adding an hour to your day and taking income out of your pocket? Of course you don’t dammit! Why waste 5 minutes in time currency that YOU WILL NEVER GET BACK on some you know has no interest in buying your product, the guy is simply not “closable”. I know I’d prefer spending time currency with loved ones way before I’d make the sacrifice too many sales people make.

3. Don’t accept the “send me an e-mail” objection.
Now as I state that, we qualify “all things equal”. In other words, an E-mail only gets sent if you’ve set up the appointment with said person, so they can be better prepared with questions when you get there, not so they can judge a (likely) average e-mail as the total of what you have to offer. Making a client really see the value way before you even need to say it is a super power, cultivated with mad skills and hard work.

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