3 Top Reasons To Have Targets And Smash Them! SuccessStories Pt. 16.

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Carrying on with the discipline theme this week, I want to highlight the importance of goals and how I’ve explained them to my friends. As a young business owner, I found myself focusing on the important things in my business much less than I should have been, resulting in extra stress and lesser results, so here are my top 3 reasons for having targets:

1. They keep you focused. In this day and age, we have a million things demanding our time at any given moment, and we know how easily 2mins on Facebook can turn into an hour. Having your monthly goals broken up into daily goals is a sure way to make you focus on exactly what needs to happen when, keeping your eyes on the prize.

2.They up your productivity. A follow on factor of having these goals is that they then lead to massively positive results. So few people have targets and even less are committed to their achievement that the spike in your productivity will be noticed by everyone around you. Pushing towards your goal with daily effort will certainly create better results in every area of your life.

3. They make you feel accomplished. I feel more and more accomplished everyday, why? Because I set my goals and smash them! It’s like a noddy badge you give yourself. I know that if I smash my goals everyday for X amount of days, I will get to my month’s goal, or my year’s goal, whatever. That is a fuel like none other. Especially when your goals require you to work a little harder each day and stretch a little more, then the results will blow into massive proportions.

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Be Brilliant!

Armand van Rensburg

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