6 Steps to making the best decision of your life!

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Too many of us have so many decisions to make in life that often, when the big decisions need to be made, we don’t actually have a system other than the voice in your head saying ,”I hope I’m right.” Needless to say, to lead a result driven life, we need to do better than that.

Here are my six tips for effective decision making:

(Always do this on paper, the greats do)

  1. Choose an outcome you want. Whether it’s divorce or breaking up with a new partner, the outcome you’d want would be happiness(example), keep these outcomes in mind, they are after-all, what you want from your decision.
  2. List the options you have. Divorce or fix things (example). The saying goes that if you have one option, you have none. If you have two options, you have a dilemma. If you have three, you have a choice. So go ahead and list whatever option you may have, making the right choice will be worth the effort.
  3. What will the result (outcome) be, emotionally and physically. The more you have linked to what you want, the better this exercises’ result will be. These results must be both good and bad in your consideration.
  4. Decide what would work or not. Take the results and weigh them against each other, what’s worth it or what’s unbearable. Give them a number in line of probability and its value to you. (eg. Divorce will equal pain in the beginning (Probability 10/10, value -10) but in the long run, happiness (prob 10/10, value +9-+10).
  5. Take your downsides and make them better. You saw which options you focussed on most, so now make them better by seeing solutions to those problems too instead of just the problems. (eg, the pain from the divorce may be severe, but taking a break while going for counselling may give you and your partner closure, and less pain.)
  6. Decide and decide. You can’t make a better decision now, you have literally factored in every element that could be a determiner to your success here and made it relevant in the circumstance, good or bad, that you find yourself in. It’s time to commit 100% to this choice, not matter the outcome. If you were wrong you’ll have learned from experience, either way, you weren’t driven crazy by not knowing what to do and I’m sure you’re feeling much better just being able to go at it 100%.


Sorry about the dramatic example, but if I could make that decision look a little easier, I’m sure this post will help many people out!



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