The Culture of Consumption: To my South African friends. Stop. SuccessSeries Pt.10.

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Stop Consuming So Much

It’s something I’ve been thinking for ages, but have never said. South Africans consume too much! What do I mean? Here are a few examples:

Instead of talking about your excitement for the rugby game you’re going to watch, talk about the new product you’re trying to build.
Instead of reading 20 articles a day on something that interests you, create articles on things that interest you.
Instead of watching cooking shows the whole Sunday afternoon, get people around you who you can prove your cooking skills to.
Instead of complaining about someones solution to a problem (“Ah, that product will never work!”), create something that will in fact resolve the problem.
Instead of talking, do. Sell more instead of talking about it. Create more programmes than you talk about creating. Get the body you want instead of talking about it.
Everybody has someone they follow and are genuinely interested, and for many years, I was obsessed with Richard Branson and his business practices and I executed none of what I learnt. Because of that, I couldn’t help anyone, couldn’t create the life I wanted, and couldn’t impact a fly.

It’s the difference between watching the game and being on the field making the game yours. By consuming so much, we try to remove the responsibility from our shoulders as to what our future will look like. It let’s others create the future for us. The future of technology. The future of business. The future of our economy. Who are we to let go of responsibility that easily?

I’ve come to the realisation that tomorrow is my responsibility, and it’s my duty to create it today.

Think about this analogy. “If every morning you woke up, you had to physically create the next day, would you have the attitude you have today?”

We all have these dreams, and maybe as a nation we lack the confidence in ourselves and each other to create our future, but what if we didn’t. What if we didn’t believe that the “next big thing” was coming out of America, but rather out of South Africa. What if we had the confidence to know that if we didn’t do it, and achieve it, no-one else on the planet would? What if we were all truly responsible for the creation of our tomorrow?

It’s certainly something worth thinking about.

Be Brilliant Today.


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