Focus = Results. How it will change your outcome! SuccessStories Pt. 13.

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“Keep your eye on the ball!” Heard that before? What is the point of “keeping your eye on the ball”? Focus. I know that in my rugby days, every time I “took my eye off the ball”, the result would generally hurt and also, not result in the outcome I’d want the most- success.

Part focus is also not good enough, because the second you don’t put focus on the ball, it can be taken right past you. This applies to any part of life:

Give your partner part of your focus when you’re with them, you won’t create the relationship you desire.
Give your friends part of your focus when you’re around them, you’ll have to get new friends often
Give your goals part of your focus, they simply will not be achieved.

“Where focus goes, energy flows.”

And, it’s fitting that I’ve decided to do this piece on a Friday, because this weekend, people will be out partying, wasting money they don’t have to regret it the next morning and dread work on Monday. When I say it like that, it doesn’t quite feel great anymore, does it?

Here are my top 3 tips to stay focused:

Make a call. Phone a few people that can help you achieve your goals this weekend. The people that are really achieving a lot will be willing to talk about business, and they are who you should be speaking to.
E-mail everyone! E-mail the people you haven’t spoken to in ages and find out what they’re up to these days, tell them what you’re up to and create a connection. At the end of the day, people will help you achieve your goals, so keep people close.
Create content on your industry. I have awesome people around me that care about my goals, and I care about theirs. What this helps us do is collaborate over weekends to create content, think about new ideas and ways of delivery, and help each others’ brands grow, creating our dreams 1 step at a time.
List the next weeks’ goals. How you set up your week is how you win your week. Plan it to a “T”. You need to be flexible, but if your week is planned out for 12 hour days, in 15 minutes blocks, I promise you’ll achieve more than you ever have.

Most important point of all: BE PRESENT! This is where relationships, friendships and everything else fails. If you’re with your girlfriend, give her your full attention. She will love it, and your relationship will be enriched because of it. Apply this only, and your everything will soar!
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Armand van Rensburg

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