How to keep going when it gets hard. What you haven’t heard before!

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How to keep going
There are a few strategies I’ve been taught about keeping one foot in front of the other, the ‘carrot and stick’ method, the ‘vision alignment’ method, and a final method which I’ll discuss with you now.

Each of these methods are important in their own way, but nothing has griped me more than the fact that what I’m doing isn’t for me. Yes, you heard right. How much would you do to avoid being shot? How much would you do to avoid a loved one getting shot? The difference in emotion is immense.

Let’s discuss each and you’ll see where my absolute belief in my capabilities, whether I’m right or not, stems from and see if you agree.

1. The carrot and the stick;

The idea of creating your current situation to be so painful(stick) financially, physically, emotionally (depending on the change you’re trying to create) is a great vehicle for change. What makes it better? Amplifying the reward of achievement (carrot) so much that it becomes an emotional attachment. Now, you feel the pain of where you are, and the pleasure of where you can be, but what makes it even more powerful? Attaching people you love to the emotion. Can’t provide for your kids(stick)? Want them in the best schools(carrot). It’s about absolutely leaving no gaps.

2. Vision alignment:

The idea of creating a vision in your mind that you replay daily, or as often as necessary to get the buzz back.I do this daily too. I have an image that I replay in my head every evening that is so powerful, I can imagine feeling exactly what I touch. I’ve played it in detail so often, that often, I need to get out of bed because it excites me that much. How to amplify it? Attach your loved ones to it. Imagine the life you could provide for them, and the difference you’d make in more people’s lives.

3. The power method:

First off, I didn’t come up with this method, however I picked up alot of different pieces from others. I believe that it’s my way of harnessing everything I need to come into my own when it comes to my drive and ability.

When I’m feeling down, drained, disappointed, I re-affirm that ‘success is my duty, obligation and responsibility’ (Grant Cardone) and I treat it as such. It is a moral and ethical issue for me to not be successful, why? Because it’s selfish (I can’t help anyone if I’m not successful), I can’t take care of my parents who raised me, and I sure as hell can’t take care of my own family. It is my duty, to not only get by, but be successful and help others. How selfish is it to create a business, become wealthy and then just take care of your family? It’s your duty.

A few years ago, my mother became very ill. She couldn’t help herself, her husband couldn’t help her and neither could my siblings. It was my responsibility, not a pat on the head, responsibility to figure out how to be successful so that this situation never happens again.

Now, I’m sure you can tell that my stick is huge. I’m sure you can tell how painful it must have been to be there, and there are a hundred other examples I can give you. When I started felling morally responsible, I eliminated everything else. How I saw daily life changed because I knew that no-one else could take care of me and my family, I had to.

Now, taking it to the part of the carrot, how much better would you sleep knowing that your family was sleeping just as well? That they had no worry of money nor lack thereof. That you knew you could host your whole family at your house for Sunday lunch? If you literally had to picture your ideal house right now, and picture everyone standing next to the braai, I’m pretty sure you see a smile on everyone’s face. “There is NO nobility in poverty” (Jordan Belfort).

Change your mind-set, and I promise you, your life and your families life will change.

Believe in yourself. Put your money on yourself.

Be Brilliant


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