Never give up on a prospect! 3 Steps to Close More Deals Daily. SuccessStories Pt. 12.

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Handshake Deal

Everyone that’s ever been in sales has heard this before. It’s a tool that is horribly overlooked and it’s like giving cash and clients directly to your competitor, you’d never do it!

“Change the way you think about things and the things you think about change.” You’ve heard that, right? No doubt, when a prospect says “Nah, we aren’t interested right now”, it certainly takes the wind out of your sails. But what does it mean? Does it mean that they are rejecting you? No. Does it mean that they can’t see the value in your product? Possibly (who’s fault is that). Does it mean they will never buy from you? Absolutely not!

Today (20th June 2016), I phoned up a client I’ve been keeping in touch with for the last 6 months, checking in with him monthly and trying to get him to invest in my product. The call went something like this: “Armand, so good you phoned me, before you even say anything, when is your next course and how quickly can you send me the invoice.” Is it going to happen like that every time? Definitely not, but had I given up on this client, he would certainly have gone to someone else. Just by putting blind effort into the client, I was able to close a deal which will be worth up to R50 000 in 2 minutes. Now ask again, was it worth 6 months of effort? Definitely!

Here are my 3 Steps to Follow-up like a Pro:

1. Keep in contact often.

I get it, it’s difficult to hear the unenthusiastic voice on the other side of the phone. “Oh, he’s phoning again” is what you assume they’re thinking and chances are good that you’re right. Do it anyway. Stay in contact and make the calls you don’t want to make. I promise you, you build great respect from your client by not giving up. As much as you feel you may be “irritating” your client, they’ll respect you for how you will not settle until you provide them with your product, because you know what it will do for their company. Follow up daily weekly and monthly depending on the urgency of the prospect.

2. Have a reason to call.

Have a client that is barely warm? Call them once a month with a new offer, a new product you want to chat to them about or a something that may be relevant to them. Not once in my sales career has anyone told me, “Never call me back again!” Maybe I don’t push hard enough, but I know that everytime I call, I have a reason. Take interest in how their company is doing and offer your solution. Sales training helps increase sales, right? So then, I take considerable interest in their companies’ sales and their team, what new products they have and how we can increase their sale in a different way. It works because you help solve a problem your client may have.

3. The toughest clients will surprise you.

The client that is harshest to you is generally the one most in need of a solution to a problem. Stress causes people to be snappy and say “I don’t have time to deal with this” etc. I’ve never met anyone sitting on the beach having a Pina Colada that is not open for a conversation. That’s why I say, the toughest clients you have are the ones that probably need your product/service the most. If my prospects’ sales is going down m/m, I will absolutely make a pain of myself, because I know that I can change that situation for them and cost them so much less than they will make with my solution, and it’s my absolute duty to make my prospect see that, whether it happens in this conversation, or in the next 20, it will happen eventually because of my moral obligation.

Use these tools, and email me at and I will cover your question in the next article.

Be brilliant

Armand van Rensburg

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