Recheck: Discipline. What did the stars have to say? SuccessStories Pt. 17.

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Happy Monday!

As most of the audience knows, I’ve been working on this discipline topic for the last week, why? Because most successful people’s lives revolve around doing the things they don’t want to do, to achieve the things they do want. It’s that simple. Don’t take my word for it though, lets see what some super achievers have said about it.

Erik Kruger – Founder of Betterman Blueprint
I know that the work I do is important (to me and others), therefore my feelings are irrelevant. My feelings will change, my body of work will remain. But some other ways I always recommend is: – Keeping your goals in front of you. – Finding someone to keep you accountable.
Roxy Burger – TV Personality
I think that it’s a mind over matter situation. And sometimes I do struggle to just get things done if I’m very tired for example. But I think planning helps. The better you plan, the better your workflow, the less stress you will have and the more productive you will be.
Dewald Pelser – MisterBA
Take 5 min timeout and stop what you have been doing. Just sit relax, close your eyes and remember the “WHY” the reason you are doing all this. Now visualise, feel as if you have already achieved the goal! This should clear the mindset and get your motivation up again.
Sharmain J. Van Rensburg – Model
For me it is all about focus. Focusing on the small and the big on different times. You need to remember why you started this and where it leads to.
Clive Kaplan – Business Owner
Feeling are usually created by thoughts. And feelings of apathy come from ‘hopeless/pointless’ thinking. The trick is to have a appropriate affirmation at the ready. The one I use is the one I learnt from Steve Covey:’ How deeply satisfying it is to respond to my draining/helpless feelings by using self control, wisdom, firmness, patience and hope.’
Reiaan Hobson – CEO of FTC
The one thing that push me is the fact I want to build legacy that can last for generous.the day I lay my head to rest I don’t want to be another number in grave yard. I want know as someone that was a waste of good talent, but someone that gave his last to make better live for millions.
Wendy Mills – Lady in Aviation
I would just say simply see how far you have gotten already. The struggle is part of the journey, after all. What are we going to talk about when we reach the top!
Lee Thompson – Model
I feel that way often actually and what keeps me going is to focus on the results to come and not that present feeling of being demotivated or tired. #biggerpicture
Nicole Da Silva – 5FM Radio DJ
Goals. Remembering my goals and the small steps in between. We all have issues. Everyone. We all have our challenges. Remembering that our lives are limited and that we’re here for a purpose is what keeps me going. Nothing is too big to overcome. It’s part of the journey.
Michelle Jacobz – Attorney
Deadlines. The knowledge that if you don’t you’ll fail.
And there you have it. People achieving the unimaginable by simple disciplines. Also, it’s clear that not everyone’s opinion is the same.

Find what works for you, and never give up.

Be Brilliant.

Armand van Rensburg

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