Screw Your Feelings! 3 ways to start doing what you need to do- Daily! SuccessStories Pt. 14.

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This post may be a little more personal than anything, but it can’t just apply to me, right? In fact, I remember many a time someone being urged to do something and hearing “I don’t feel like it”, and following that were words like “lazy”, “incompetent” and “won’t achieve much”. I was the person being described as that for a large portion of my young life, and do you know why? Because I was all about my feelings.

If I didn’t feel like doing homework, I just didn’t. If I didn’t feel like doing dishes, I didn’t. If I didn’t feel like giving my all at soccer practice, I didn’t. I let myself become a seriously undisciplined person after being disciplined so hard for my younger life. The only solution for me, eventually was to have the attitude of “screw your feelings”. A little harsh maybe, but I wrote it down on my hand and would look at it daily and hourly even, to make sure I got the message, “Screw your feelings!”

You see, in reality, we all know what we should be doing when, whether we should have that extra drink or not, eat that extra cookie or not and whether we should skip a workout or not. We all know that our decisions and indecision lead to consequences. Exercise more, longer healthier life. Eat in excess, shorter, unhealthier life. We know this!

Here are my tips to becoming super disciplined:

1. Make a decision.

Making an absolute, no going back decision is the quickest way to get this ball rolling. Want to stop smoking? Act as though it’s your ex-girlfriend and you have absolutely no option but to stay away and enjoy your new life. Want to achieve more? Write down your daily goals and do whatever it takes until they are complete. Period. Decision. Power.

2. Make yourself accountable.

My friends over at BettermanBrotherhood have created a way for you to be accountable to your fellow brother. Being accountable is one of the most important ways to prosper in your endeavours. Tell your girlfriend and family about your new diet. Tell the world your dreams, and take responsibility for it. If it matters to you, make the moment big. Most people are ok with letting themselves down, it takes a lot for you to let someone else down.

3. Create pleasure and pain.

Write down exactly what it is that makes you want to learn this discipline, and write down the opposite emotion too. For example, I want to stop smoking because it deteriorates my health, my breath stinks and I always feel scummy. The opposite emotion would be the positives of doing it. The fact that I can concentrate more on my work than having to go outside for a smoke, that I will be saving money and also have a healthier lifestyle.

These tips are not scientific or rocket science. They are just part of the process of creating an incredibly disciplined lifestyle. “You can either suffer the pain of discipline, or the pain of regret.” I’d much rather live my life at 100% and achieve my dreams, than live it at 90% and achieve nothing. Your future is decided by you. Discipline will be the way that you create that life day-by-day.

Be brilliant!

Armand van Rensburg

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