Some Sunday Fun, How My Girlfriend Rates Me on Skill Level…

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So, by now, everyone is aware of how serious and directed most posts are, and this one is no different. This time though, I’d like to bring in my beautiful Girlfriend to answer some questions I set-up for her.

Basically, the idea behind the exercise was to see what learning the skill of sales has done in other parts of my life, and not from my mouth, but directly from someone who has to deal with me daily!

Enjoy the Q&A, and I’ll check in soon!

P.s. as you’ll see by her answers, they could’ve been much better! Proving even more so that they are hers. Enjoy!

A) Do I get my way very often?
C) I would say you get your way often enough, however sometimes I wouldn’t let you get your way

A) Do you respect my opinion above most?
C) Yes!

A) Am I able to make you happy due to my actual actions?
C) Yes you do make me happy, a big part of sales is being able to read someone and know know how to respond, I think because of that you pay more attention to me and the way I respond to certain things and you are able to understand me better and know how to handle me.

A) If I did not know how to sell, and wasn’t as “outgoing” as I am, would you be as attracted to me as you are?
C) No, I like that you are confident, know what you want and are willing to do the work to get it.

A) What is your favourite trait about who I am?
C) Your drive and passion, with which you do anything and everything in life.

A) Do I classify as “more of a man” because I am able to take control and lead in situations?
C) Definitely, a man has to be able to stand up and take the lead.

A) Between 1-10, how much belief/faith do you have in me and why?
C) I would say a 7. You have a fire in you and you will make sure you do what it takes to make sure you get to where you want to be in life.

A) If, for context’s sake, other people were attracted to me, would that make you more attracted to me, or less?
C) Trick question…I would be more attracted up to the point where boundaries aren’t respected, if you aren’t man enough to appreciate what you have when you have it then you will have to watch as it goes by.

A) Do you believe, that due to my “sales skill”, I would be able to provide for you and my future children?
C) Yes I do, you are very dedicated and driven to make your business ventures work but if you can’t sell the concept you wouldn’t be able to provide.

A) What is the trait in me that makes you feel the most secure?
C) That fact that you know what you want from life and you are completely motivated and committed to getting it in your personal or professional life.

And there you have it folks, as true and unscripted as can be, and now I’m sure you can tell why I keep her around ;).

Have a great, blessed Sunday!

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